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About Me

I'm a fourth-year graduate student at UCLA, working in applied math with Andrea Bertozzi. I graduated with a B.S. in Math from Zhejiang University.

I'm currently modeling spatio-temporal data from human activities such as violent crimes and social network via multivariate self-exicting point process. This work was supported by a National Institute of Justice Graduate Research Fellowship (GRF-STEM). I also working on time series analysis in medical imaging and seismology using machine learning. Some of this work has been in conjunction with Los Alamos National Laboratory.


Journal Papers

  1. Yuan, B., Schoenberg, F.P., and Bertozzi, A.L. Fast estimation of multivariate spatiotemporal Hawkes processes and network reconstruction JASA , submitted Mar 2019.
  2. P. Jeffrey Brantingham, Baichuan Yuan and Denise C. Herz, Differences in Retaliatory Dynamics Between Gang and Non-Gang Violent Crimes, (Requested revision by Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency).
  3. Baichuan Yuan, Hao Li, Andrea Bertozzi, P. Jeffrey Brantingham, and Mason Porter, Multivariate Spatiotemporal Hawkes Processes and Network Reconstruction, SIAM J. Mathematics of Data Science, 1(2), pp. 356-382, 2019; ArXiv preprint version. Code
  4. B Yuan, YJ Tan, MK Mudunuru, OE Marcillo, AA Delorey, PM Roberts, JD Webster, CNL Gammans, S Karra, GD Guthrie, PA Johnson, Using Machine Learning to Discern Eruption in Noisy Environments: A Case Study using CO2-driven Cold-Water Geyser in Chimayo, New Mexico., Seismological Research Letters, 2019.
  5. P. Jeffrey Brantingham, Baichuan Yuan, Nick Sundback, Frederic Paik Schoenberg, Andrea Bertozzi, Joshua Gordon, Jorja Leap, Kristine Chan, Molly Kraus, Sean Malinowski, Denise Herz, Rapid community intervention in response to gang violent crime directly reduces gang retaliation, submitted.
  6. E. Lai*, D. Moyer*, B. Yuan*, E. Fox, B. Hunter, A. L. Bertozzi, and P. J. Brantingham (*Equal Contribution), Topic Time Series Analysis of Microblogs, IMA Journal of Applied Mathematics, 81(3) pp. 409-431, 2016.

Conference Papers & Others

  1. B. Wang, X. Luo, F. Zhang, B. Yuan, A. L. Bertozzi, and P. J. Brantingham, Graph-Based Deep Modeling and Real Time Forecasting of Sparse Spatio-Temporal Data, accepted in 4th Workshop on Mining and Learning from Time Series (MileTS), at KDD London, August 2018.
  2. Yonatan Dukler, Yurun Ge, Yizhou Qian, Shintaro Yamamoto, Baichuan Yuan, Long Zhao, Andrea L. Bertozzi, Blake Hunter, Rafael Llerena, and Jesse T. Yen, Automatic decomposition and mitral valve segmentation of cardiac ultrasound time series data, Proc. SPIE conference on medical imaging, 2018.
  3. Baichuan Yuan, Sathya R Chitturi, Geoffrey Iyer, Nuoyu Li, Xiaochuan Xu, Ruohan Zhan, Rafael Llerena, Jesse T Yen, Andrea L Bertozzi, Machine Learning for Cardiac Ultrasound Time Series Data, Proc. SPIE conference on medical imaging, 2017, preprint version. Code
  4. Brantingham, P.J., N. Sundback, B. Yuan, K. Chan. GRYD Intervention Incident Response & Gang Crime: 2017 Evaluation Report.2017.